Aım and Scope

The aim of JIMEP is to present the latest innovations in the field of international management, education, economics, accounting, finance and etc. Academics, international experts, and public intellectuals are invited to submit papers for this journal in order to debate international management, economics and accounting aspects.

ISSN: 2602-330X

Frequency:  There are 2 issues of JIMEP published each year.  They publish in June and December.  Occasionally this journal publishes special issues on specific topics related to the focus of the journal.

To propose a special issue, contact the editor at     or

Establıshment Story

JIMEP was founded by four teaching staff working at Gaziosmanpaşa University.

Know The Edıtors

Authors write essays to contribute to universal knowledge or to climb the academic career path. Whatever the point of action, the labor that is spent can not be ignored.

Editors and consultants, who are also researchers themselves, should not deny this fact. In addition, it should be remembered that the scientific standard and quality of a journal are directly related to the time they spend and the time they spend reviewing and evaluating the articles submitted by the editor and the consultants.


The basic function of the scientific journals and editors that enable the sharing of universal science; “To help the author of the scientific paper express himself in the most effective way and to publish the knowledge in an understandable way.” The result of the effort and the time spent is; “Scientific Reputation” and “Honor of Contributing to the Scientific Environment”.

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