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From 15/09/2017, Journal of Management, Educational and Economics Perspectives-JIMEP is on the new web page.


JIMEP is a platform for scientific discussion and knowledge sharing open for all researchers worldwide.

JIMEP aims to enhance the body of knowledge in a variety of economic disciplines, such as economy, education, management, business administration, finance, marketing, accounting, logistics, entrepreneurship, etc.

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Focus On

JIMEP is focused on international management, educational, economics and accounting problems and research, however the single country perspective enabling the international comparisons is also welcome.

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For Acceptance

JIMEP accepts original works, substantively different from papers previously published or being under review elsewhere.

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Aım and Scope

The aim of JIMEP is to present the latest innovations in the field of international management, educational, economics, accounting, finance, education and etc. Academics, international experts, and public intellectuals are invited to submit papers for this journal in order to debate international management, educational, economics and accounting aspects.

Frequency:  There are 2 issues of JIMEP published each year.  They publish in June and December.  Occasionally this journal publishes special issues on specific topics related to the focus of the journal.

To propose a special issue, contact the editor at or

and include the following information.

•  Title for the special issue
•  A short summary for the special issue, no longer than 1 page. This will describe the importance of the thematic of the special issue
•  Estimated number of papers
•  Information about Guest Editor
•  Estimated time for publishing

The journal focuses on the following topics: Management, Accounting, Local Governments, Political Economics, Economic Thought, Education, Special Education, Pre-school Education, Pschological Counseling and Guidence, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, International Finance and Economic Policy, International Monetary Systems, Financial Institutions, International Banking, Banking Regulation, Capital and Money Markets, Balance of Payments, Real Estate Finance and Investment, Financial Derivatives, Funding Investments, Econometrics, Public Finance, Fiscal Policy, International Financial Stability, Financial Economics Business Valuation, and Managing Political Risk.

Experts from all over the world are welcome to present different aspects of the business environment. The journal will promote articles with high visibility in the international scientific community.

Articles published in the journal can be cited, but certain rules must be applied. Each article citation must include the following key components:

•  Name of the author
•  Title of the article
•  Name, Volume, and Issue of the Journal in which the article is published
•  Page Number(s) of the cited information
•  Publisher of the Journal
•  Date of publication


Next Steps…

All articles published in Journal of International Management, Educational and Economics Perspectives undergo a rigorous, double-blind, peer review process by leading experts.  The review process normally takes 4 to 8 weeks. When the review process is complete, the editor will inform the author(s) about the results of the evaluation process.   Based on each reviewer evaluation, the Editor will accept the manuscript for publication (without any improvement, with minor revision, with major revisions) or will reject it.

If a paper/case is accepted for the Journal of International Management, Educational and Economics Perspectives, the author(s) is invited to submit the final manuscript for publication in JIMEP. Editors will verify that the final manuscript includes all changes requested by reviewers and that it meets all other requirements before publication.

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The copyright of the published articles belongs to the authors of the journal, legal and scientific responsibilities.
The person or organization that quotes and publishes distortions that may be in the content of the articles is himself or herself against the law.


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